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Hey there Awesomeness,

I'm Peachie your Creative Wizardess. I help authentic entrepreneurs uplevel their business with innovative design concepts, hand drawn elements, and modern ideas. My passion and specialties are Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design, and Illustration. I use this passion to help entrepreneurs at any level of their business.


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I have the privilege to work with some wonderfully authentic brands. They strive for greatness, they give tons of value, and they are the definition of AWESOMENESS!  To name a few:

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Hola, I'm Victoria Peach aka Peachie

I'm a creative Momboss and Jedi master to 3 Padawan learners. My oldest, Caleb is almost 7 years and is a movie connoisseur plus an action packed illustrator. My son, Jacob, is 5 years old and is a born engineer who builds various unique cars, planes, robots, and ships. My youngest, Savannah, is a fashionista who loves playing games, dancing, and being the boss. We make up a tight quad of artsy fartsies who love having pajama dance parties,

cos-play light saber battles, and binge watching harry potter.


I myself have a passion for custom experiences. My wand of awesomeness and I take on each project as its own entity... battling the blank canvas of limitless possibilities to create innovative and modern concepts. It brings me joy to know my clients anticipate receiving mail from me... the way their eyes light up when they get their project concepts keeps me going.

I wasn't always so clear on the path my business was taking. In 2014, after being in business for almost 7 years, I was only making $15K a year and struggling to take care of my littles. Moving from house to hotel, to couch... I still managed to keep my business afloat even while being evicted or going through family squabbles. At the end of 2014, I met Audria Richmond who soon became my business coach after I joined her program, Building Big Brands. This opportunity opened my eyes to a whole new world of business. I was introduced to business strategy and marketing.... first time hearing phrases like lead generation and sales funnels. I was so intrigued and eager to learn more about this new world. My wand, which at the time was dim with uncertainty and doubt, began to light up again with anxiousness... ready to take hold of this new found purpose and passion. I had almost given up... there were so many times I screamed of throwing in the dirty sweaty towel my life had me holding on to. But once I found a new washer of hope, my towel was cleansed and allowed me to breath. It was no longer a weight on my shoulder. I began to start living life happier each day... learning step by step how to work on my mindset, gain clients who I adore, and pay my bills on my own.


Now I wake up with a smile on my face.... not because of the money.... but because I was no longer drowning in sorrows or hurt. Now when troubles come my way I can handle them without breakdowns. Now I enjoy working for my clients because we are a great team that works like a well oiled machine. 2015 was my year of growth and purpose. This year I will be taking hold and pushing the limits.

Victoria, you did an excellent job with incorporating my vision with the feedback I provided. You were patient with figuring out what will work for my brand. I appreciate the time you allotted to make sure I was pleased with the final design! I love it!

Toni L Brown, Creating Your Classroom

"As a professional graphic designer myself, it's always hard to work with new graphic designers. After viewing Victoria's portfolio, I knew she was the one. We only had to give her the idea and it's amazing what she created!"

Audria Richmond, Building Big Brands

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Fun Facts about Peachie

  • My real name is Victoria Peach. Most people think it's a nickname but it isn't. I was named after my dad and big Cali peaches.
  • My first born was 11 pounds and 3 ounces. (Yes you read that right!)
  • My best friend is a unicorn named Bubbles. She is the core of my inspiration and we go on magical rainbow rides in the clouds.
  • I may seem very shy or anti-social. It's mainly due to the fact that my main language output is drawing. Words aren't my first language.
  • I love eating with chop sticks... Any food, no matter how challenging.
  • I use to design clothes when I was in high school. I have piles of fashion journals filled with tons of fashion ideas.
  • I'm the oldest of 6 kids.
  • I am a total Star Wars fanatic and so are my munchkins.
  • I can mimic almost any type of handwriting style. I've had this skill since 5th grade.
  • My first love was Interior Design. Every aspect of it, even the technical part.

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Working with Victoria has been THE BEST thing that has ever happened to my business and my brand. With Victoria I can hint at my vision and she makes it come to life. She's super professional, laid back and unbothered by my multi-passionate tendencies. Her process is seriously the best process I've ever experienced, and everything is delivered in record time. It's not easy for me to trust someone with my brand, but I know that with Victoria it's all in GREAT hands. I highly recommend the oh so amazing Victoria with her wand of awesomeness. And I seriously can't thank her enough for taking my brand to the next level!

Tiana Patrice, Business Clarity Coach

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